About titanHz

titanHz provides effective solutions for ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to help private businesses, the police and local authorities identify suspicious cars and control the flow of vehicles. When integrated with perimeter control and access security systems, it can provide businesses with secure control over vehicular access to their car parks and premises. Our ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are designed to satisfy the daily demands of busy police forces and public sector security in the face of highly mobile, often organized, criminals and suspected terrorists. Properly equipped forces can cross-reference databases and rapidly narrow down suspect vehicles through make, model, color and even a few letters from a registration plate.

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Why We Are?

titanHz using the latest technologies that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automatically read license plate characters. There are two types of ALPR Systems (Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems): stationary, which uses infrared (IR) cameras at high fixed points, and mobile, which uses vehicle-mounted IR cameras. Stationary cameras can be mounted on signs, street lights, highway overpasses or buildings as a cost-effective way to monitor moving and parked vehicles twenty-four hours a day.
  • Plate localization
    Responsible for finding and isolating the plate on the picture all customers.
  • Plate orientation and sizing
    Compensates for the skew of the plate and adjusts the dimensions to the required size
  • Normalisation
    Eye Control aims to be innovative and reformed in this industry.
  • Optical character recognition
    This organization operates with cost efficiency in mind, hence, the competitive price.
  • Character segmentation
    Finds the individual characters on the plates
  • Syntactical/Geometrical analysis
    Check characters and positions against country specific rules
  • titanHz is dedicated to providing the most advanced innovation and technology to ALPR System (Automated License Plate Recognition).
  • Our mission is to build a bridge between vehicles and our products through OCR System (Optical Character Recognition) technology.
  • To implement this mission, we has built a global research and development network that extends throughout the Dubai and United Arab Emirates.
  • titanHz mission is to become exceeding our customer's expectations; providing them with best of breed technology solutions for Vehicle Tracking and reminders.
security system supplier malaysia
security system supplier malaysia
  • titanHz products are highly trusted worldwide - whether our over-the-counter products, or customer-oriented building for the life industry.
  • We maintain ethical, fair and mutually beneficial relationships with and between employees, management, customers and suppliers.
  • We understand that business is between people, and we conduct all aspects of our business through a sense of respect and appreciation of individuals.
  • We recognize that teamwork, co-operation and cohesiveness are essential for maximizing our performance throughout all organizational processes.