ANPR Parking Solutions
Imagine a vehicle access control system that works without tickets, tracks all vehicles, puts less workload on your security employees and offers a full control of entry/exit movements – based on license plate data and collect parking fee based on settings. All these are put together in our innovative solution called Parking Solution, a smart parking software that manages access control using ANPR technology. Thanks to its convenient scalability, it is perfect from private access control to large logistics hubs with multiple entry/exit points as well. All incoming and exiting traffic is tracked, saved and can be controlled. Forget tickets and manage the barriers automatically and collect parking payment thrown online and offline – this system will take the burden of workload and security issues off your shoulder.
Professional Parking Management Platform
  • Based on map, easy-to-use visual interface.
  • Rich parking data, open for management and analysis.
  • Improve management efficiency and reduce labour costs.
  • Easy come, easy go
  • Help you find available parking space
  • Locate your car and pay to leave conveniently
  • Offer more economical choice
  • Recognition rate higher than 95% Comprehensive surveillance
  • Provide 7×24 surveillance with access camera
  • Search the search vehicle record and image by date/time/license plate number Networking Management
  • Open system with rich interfaces, to meet different customer requirements
  • Easy integration with 3rd party payment system.
Access Control Barrierby license plate
Controlling access to the garage with an Access Control Barrier Gate means only vehicles registered, or paid, can enter, increasing efficiency. A Capture Trigger registers a vehicle as it enters, using ANPR, and raises the barrier if the vehicle is ‘cleared’. This reduces human resources, since there’s no need for a guard on the entrance, for example. It can also be configured to calculate a fee based on parking time as a car goes in and out.