ANPR Parking Cameras
Traffic optimization It is important to improve the vehicles mobility during rush hours and traffic jam. The installation of ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) equipment allows to know how many time a vehicle spends to coss an itinerary. This way, the average time can be informed. By detecting queue length and traffic speed, the system detects whether the road is smooth, slow, or jammed –and directs drivers out of the problem areas. In case of congestion, route information gets displayed on a traffic guidance screen near the congestion area. Drivers can then get redirected to alternate routes – and keep moving! ANPR cameras were chosen by titanHz ANPR to successfully implement a parking violation prevention and enforcement system for a major Canada supermarket chain. The company contacted Athena due to ongoing issues of car park miss-use by non-customers. In many sites, these taken car park spaces were affecting retail trade as customers were unable to park near the premises. titanHz’s ANPR solution utilized ANPR cameras which were post mounted near the entry and exit of the car park. The solution is able to automatically record the amount of time each vehicle remains in the car park by utilizing the number plates as they pass in to and out of the car park.
How does the system work?
  1. CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and exit points of the monitored car park allow the ANPR systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to automatically log all number plates of vehicles entering and exiting the car park.
  2. The collected information is sent to our monitoring center electronically, and the system identifies any vehicles that have breached the parking restrictions in place.
  3. On identification of a vehicle in violation of your car parking regulations, our software processes the information and a report is compiled including images of the offending vehicle, which is double checked manually.
  4. We contact the DVLA to obtain details of the registered keeper of the vehicle in question and send out a PCN to them in the post.
System features
Our ANPR Parking Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) incorporates lots of useful features to give you maximum flexibility over your car parking regulations. Your ANPR system can:
  1. Provide photographic evidence, time stamped, of arrival and departure.
  2. Monitor and prevent misuse of disabled and parent and child bays.
  3. Be supplemented by wardens if you desire, who are able to focus on any specific parking issues you have.
  4. Incorporate a 20 minute grace period above the time limit on your signage.
  5. Allow staff to register vehicles for longer than the time limit allowed if required.
  6. Operate a ‘One Chance’ system, so a PCN is only issued in response to a second offence
Installation is made simple by our nationwide team of skilled and trained operatives, who will install everything you need during normal working hours with minimal disruption to you.
  • Number plate register. The ticket number, day and the time, and the number plate are linked and registered in the management application
  • Finding a lost ticket. it is possible to find a lost ticket and to receive the correct amount
  • Ticket interchange is avoided. It is possible to block the exit of a vehicle, if the number plate of the vehicle does not match with the number plate in the entrance ticket.