ANPR Traffic Monitoring Solutions

We are a specialized manufacturer of Monitoring traffic management systems. Our products are developed and produced which only the best components available on the market are used. Each component is thoroughly tested for quality and durability ensuring a solid, state of the art system.

Traffic optimization It is important to improve the vehicles mobility during rush hours and traffic jam. The installation of ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) equipment allows to know how many time a vehicle spends to coss an itinerary. This way, the average time can be informed. By detecting queue length and traffic speed, the system detects whether the road is smooth, slow, or jammed –and directs drivers out of the problem areas. In case of congestion, route information gets displayed on a traffic guidance screen near the congestion area. Drivers can then get redirected to alternate routes – and keep moving!
ANPR & Display Combined System
Traffic Flow Systems collect traffic information at crucial intersections and on highways to provide video-based vehicle detection services, including detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and time headway, vehicle type, and queue length. When traffic builds up at an intersection, traffic cameras count vehicles crossing the intersection as well as detect the length of vehicle queues in real time. Based on this data, traffic lights are coordinated dynamically to even out the traffic flow. This process helps to speed up the commute, reduces driver frustration and the need for officers to manually direct traffic when it builds up in one direction.
Feature and Benefits
  • Works for both highways and surface streets.
  • Cameras provide accurate data in real-time.
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Collects data for transit authorities.
  • Improves road safety by avoiding incidents and reducing accidents on the road
Car Clone Monitoring
The success of ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in detecting vehicles of interest to police has led to a new kind of crime - car cloning. Criminals target vehicles of the same make and model to copy these number plates so that ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems will record a read on the make and model relating to a fake license plate. Any legal transgressions could then lead to the legitimate owner receiving notification of enforcement action instead of the criminal. There is very little monitoring of license plate manufacture, particularly websites offering "vanity plates" (plates that are usable only in off-road circumstances, such as car shows) and this gives criminals avenues to attempt to evade detection, however ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) will often show that there are multiple vehicles using the same registration number and prove that the genuine owner is innocent as well as providing images to identify the culprits.