ANPR Parking Systems

The incidence and value of car park fraud continues to increase year on year, with car park operators reporting several millions of pounds in lost annual revenue. On and Off-street parking are significant sources of revenue and as it is mainly cash income it is a high risk area susceptible to fraud. titanHz has developed barrier free parking as a revolutionary way of preventing this fraud. The system also offers speed and efficiency of parking through the use of ANPR Parking Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), fully integrated with sophisticated payment systems via a powerful software engine.

There are a variety of ANPR Parking Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in use, including parking meters, barrier or attendant pay on entry, pay at exit barrier or attendant and 'Pay and Display' car parks. Examples of fraud or parking "scams" include tailgating in and out of 'Pay on Foot' car parks, where cars are driven closely behind another vehicle, or keeping the barrier in a raised position via the road loops in the ground, resulting in parking for free.

ANPR Parking Systems

Pay and Display car parks are particularly vulnerable to fraud. Motorists fail to purchase a ticket and park for free, or outstay the value of the ticket, or pass an unexpired ticket to another driver. The public generally prefers the swiftness of a Pay and Display car park, perceiving that access and parking are quicker without barrier-control. All types of parking involve the collection and handling of substantial amounts of cash. Fraud in many town center car parks can be substantial because of the high level of turnover. The main fraud risks are theft of takings with and without manipulation of records, recycling of tickets and inadequate control of tickets and security keys.

Barrier free parking enables the car park owner or operator to monitor and charge the correct payments by installing ANPR Camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), eliminating the need for conventional barriers. As the vehicle enters the car park, its number plate is read and logged via carefully sited ANPR Camera's (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). On the rare occasion where the number plate is not read by the first ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) it will be picked up by additional ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) strategically sited within the car park.

Barrier Free Parking
Barrier-free parking

Car parking and payment is often a source of stress and frustration for motorists. Barrier free parking improves the customer experience by eliminating bottlenecks of traffic as there is no need for barrier-control. It makes payment quick and easy too. The system offers a choice of four flexible payment methods including cash-less vending, combining the move towards pay-as-you-go payment schemes and the convenience of online booking and mobile phone payments for season tickets or Pay and Display. This lowers the opportunity for theft from the ticket machines and saves labor costs, as the machines do not need to be emptied so frequently. titanHz is barrier free parking can not only prevent fraud but can also be used to enhance customer recognition schemes to encourage loyalty for long term users.