Central Monitoring Solutions

ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle licence plates. Utilizes this cutting edge technology in multiple environments to ease and speed up the identification and screening process of vehicles. In Dubai, ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in all approved sites are send vehicles information to Dubai police CMS (Central monitoring solution). Dubai police can monitor the live vehicles entry and exit flow information of sites connected in CMS (Central monitoring solution). The cameras specifically designed for ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) use are used along with an industrial ANPR processor installed in close proximity to the camera, with configurable software used for ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) definition, processing and output. Infrared technology allows for the use of this system during all hours of the day.

Easy to install, operate and integrate

ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) designed with ease of operation and to minimize the installation and configuration requirements on street. The advanced character recognition technology within titanHz removes the need for detailed camera alignment that is sometimes required with ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Capable of reading number plates from the side of the road without mechanical adjustment for skew angles, with power and communications available quickly installed and reading number plates. With the wide detection zone of titanHz, less cameras are required, removing or reducing the need for mechanical alignment of multi-camera installations in enforcement applications. That software, a more powerful form of the tool used in many domestic and business desktop scanners, parses the image in seeking to recognize shapes in the pixels as characters on a number plate. Although there is disagreement about the effectiveness of such recognition, it is common to encounter claims that the accuracy of interpretation is between 95% and 98% (with best results in regimes where equipment is properly maintained and there is little variation in plates, for example few 'vanity' or 'celebration' plates). Traffic optimization It is important to improve the vehicles mobility during rush hours and traffic jam. The installation of ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) equipment allows to know how many time a vehicle spends to coss an itinerary. This way, the average time can be informed. ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) manufacturer has developed its own recognition algorithms, although, these are the main ones and the common ones. To locate and to isolate the number plate in the image. To correct the brightness and the contrast of the number plate. To separate each character of the number plate. To recognize each character of the number plate.

CMS Control Software
ANPR Systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) which works with infrared cameras and reads license plates from every vehicle Monitor to measure the volume try of the vehicle to confirm whether it is a regular car or if it is a Suv or truck as charges are very different Monitor-like to read smart tags that cars can have installed. When the smart tag is installed, the car is quickly identified and owner’s bank account is automatically deducted. This process is realized at any speed up to over 250 km per hour. If the car does not have the smart tag, the driver is required to go to a pay station to pay the tolls between 3rd and 5th day after with a surplus charge. If he fails to do so, the owner is sent a letter home with a heavy fine. If this is not paid, it increases five-fold and after that, the car is inserted into a police database for vehicle impounding. This system is also used in some limited access areas of main cities to allow only entry from pre-registered residents.