ANPR Access Control System
Our ANPR Sysyem, is the effective solution for access control, allowing parking lots or other premises to get real-time information on vehicles entering or leaving. The system also keeps an historical record for future queries. It manages the access of authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing license plates with a trigger (Inductive loop, Radar, etc.), continuously and acting on access barriers according to entry lists. This way it provides to businesses or homes, safe and automatized circulation. TitanHz providing the end user (shopping centres, institutions, official entities, companies with their own transport fleet, private parking, etc.) the possibilty to know better the parking lot users. Thanks to the option of having overview cameras, it is also possible to have evidence of the state in which the vehicles have entered the parking lot; in the event that it is necessary to perform an audit of their status. Our solution for access control is widely used in:
  • Residential
  • Parking Lots
  • Malls
  • Tolling with barrier
How Does an ANPR System Work?
Install and maintain your ANPR barrier control system to ensure it is still working to its best ability. Our experts are able to advise you on the optimal type and location of your ANPR cameras to ensure best results. Our system can:
  • Real All region number plates.
  • Record all vehicle site activity with multiple overview camera images.
  • Email or SMS notification of visitor arrival.
  • Provide reports on stay times, Flow rates and entry/exit balances.
  • Control vehicle barriers, Gates.
  • Automatically consults third-party databases: Parking payment machines, Access control, Weighbridge systems.
  • Security prompts for blacklisted vehicles.
  • Live and historical car park data usage.
ANPR System Uses
  • Monitoring vehicle movemets at sites.
  • Controlling entry and exit in: Car parks, Educational establishments, Police, Hospitals and Garages.
  • Logging staff arrival/exit at commercial premises.
  • Car park management - parking payments.
  • Validating vehicle types and payments at toll stations.
  • Efficient control and management of your visitor's access across sites.
  • Accurate identification of vehicles with high-quality images.
  • Ability to log and find detailed information on every vehicle entering your premises.
  • Maximised safety by alerting staff and restricting access for 'black-listed' vehicles.