ANPR Intelligent Transport Systems

ANPR System (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is one of many intelligent transport technologies transport police uses to help manage the trunk roads. Our ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) are operated and managed on our behalf by Traffic police. The information collected by the ANPR Camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is used by Traffic Scotland to deliver reliable journey time information to drivers on the trunk road network. We use the data from ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to make journeys more reliable, improve strategic transport connections, encourage a shift from private cars and improving safety. The information is particularly useful to drivers when there are incidents or delays on the trunk road network.

Data Collection

Data collection is a fundamental requirement of providing high quality travel information to drivers. ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) record the Vehicle Registration Numbers (VRN) of passing traffic. These are then encrypted at a computer outstation and stored alongside the related time stamp and camera location. By matching the encrypted VRN between camera locations, a journey time can be derived between those two ANPR locations. This information is then collated by the Traffic Scotland Control Centre, and will be used in the future to inform drivers using Variable Message Signs (VMS). The data collected is retained for a limited time before being overwritten. The retention time is typically no greater than one hour as this allows adequate time for journey times to be calculated between sites. Care is taken to ensure this process is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.


ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are also installed on a large number of weighbridges and traffic control centers. titanHz integrates these cameras with other equipment installed at each site, for example a Weigh in Motion (WIM) scale in a screening lane allowing the vehicle on the WIM to be linked to the mass determined by the scale. ANPR images (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are further used along with an overview images and WIM or Weigh records for Audit purposes, in overload cases that might appear in court and for the optimal management of the weigh bridge.

titanHz has incorporated GPS Solutions into systems such as water and electricity meter readings, as well as smart metering parking solutions. As part of the complete solution to Traffic Control Centers titanHz also provides a tracking solution for vehicles that have to be moved between different sites such as satellite and main Traffic Control Centre Sites tracking the movement of each vehicle along a predetermined and geo-fenced route.

Transmit by Camera
The camera system transmits:
  1. Encrypted VRN.
  2. Time / Date stamp.
  3. Location ID.
The camera system does not transmit:
  1. Images of the driver.
  2. Images of the vehicle.
  3. Images of the license plate.
  4. The ‘original’ number plate characters.
Area of Application

The main area of application of ANPR technology (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is at roadblock or roadside inspections performed by law enforcement officers. ANPR Cameras are utilized to screen vehicles for any of the following possible transgressions: unresolved offence notices expired vehicle licenses expired roadworthy certifications. The string obtained from the ANPR Engine is used to query the system, national vehicle register or any other data source for possible transgressions linked to a specific vehicle, flagging the vehicle to be stopped for investigation and further action.