ANPR Highway Cameras
Highway Agency
In common with the statutory duty of any public body, the Highways Agency will provide assistance to the Police in the investigation of specific serious crimes (typically those which carry a life sentence). The hashing process creates a non-unique tag that may consequently apply to a number of vehicles. The Highways Agency cannot therefore be definitive about a specific vehicle, and can only say whether or not one or more vehicles with that non-unique tag was observed at the location and within the specified time parameters. As the data is non personal information (due to the non-unique tag format) there are no Data Protection restrictions on how long we keep it. Currently, the data is kept indefinitely for modelling the network effectively and anticipating drivers’ behavior in response to incidents on the road network. As the data is non per­sonal infor­ma­tion (due to the non-unique tag for­mat) there are no Data Pro­tec­tion restric­tions on how long we keep it. Cur­rently, the data is kept indef­i­nitely for mod­el­ling the net­work effec­tively and antic­i­pat­ing dri­vers’ behav­iour in response to inci­dents on the road network.
Road Tolling
Road Tolling means, that motorists pay directly for the usage of particular segment of road infrastructures. Tolls are a common way of funding the improvements of highways, motorways, roads and bridges: tolls are fees for services. Efficient road tolling increases the level of related road services by reducing travel time overhead, congestion and improve roadways quality. Also, efficient road tolling reduces fraud related to non-payment, makes charging effective, reduces required manpower to process events of exceptions.